Paradigm Shift in Digha Tourism

Paradigm Shift in Digha Tourism

Digha has always been counted among one of the prime tourist destination of West Bengal. It won’t be too much to say that it is one of the live example where Indian tradition of “Atithi Devo Bhavo” is maintained by each and every inhabitant of Digha and make a true contribution to Incredible India. It’s true that of late, the essence of Digha Tourism has changed. Now it’s not only about staying in a decent hotel and enjoying the a long walk in the sea beach. With changing time, this simple holiday trip has included a lot more activity in it.

Government of West Bengal has also taken many development projects to attract the whole scenario of West Bengal Tourism. No one can deny that Digha has lot to offer & now its the time to redefine the usual concept & image of Digha. In order to justify its title of “Bighton of East”, Digha has also come up with some amazing Luxury Hotels and Multi-Cuisine Restaurants, Exotic SPA and many more adventure sports.

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Well the list does not stop over there, ladies can also expect to pamper your shopaholic self. There are various types of products and food items that you would love to buy. What else? You can also get the best deals on many things which you cannot imagine to get in your city.

Earlier the were only few accommodation options at Digha, but now you can get sufficient option to ensure you a comfortable stay within your budget. Yes there are plenty of budget hotels in Digha and also some exotic luxury hotels with all the state of art facility. So you can choose the hotel according to your budget.

Even the newly introduced water sports have become very popular. Earlier you could have only enjoyed some beach cricket or football but now there are many options to explore. After introducing these adventure sports, the tourism traffic has multiplied. People are loving the, snorkeling, water skiing para-sailing, and water zorbin experiences. But people also enjoy the usual beach cricket or Kabaddi & yes how can we forget the beach volleyball? Its an all time favorite among the tourists. Although the king of Game for every Bengali is always Football and that passion and love for this game remains same at the sea beaches of Digha as well.

There are many new tourist attractions that have been developed in Digha like the Aquarium and Science Museum etc.

Still there are many aspects where Digha Tourism can be developed and made the tourist hub of West Bengal and become one of the most famous tourist attraction in India.


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