Plan Your Christmas Holiday with Best Hotel in Digha

Plan Your Christmas Holiday with Best Hotel in Digha

Digha – a beautiful beach destination and one of the most well known holiday destinations for the eastern part of India provides a wide range of things to do that would suit each and every traveler. Renowned for its spectacular sun rises and sun sets, Digha is also familiar as birdwatchers paradise. If you are interested in marine life then you should visit the aquarium here which is the largest in Asia. Also a visit to the Science center is a must if you are fascinated by Science. Other than just lazing around the beach or sightseeing, you can indulge in variety of water sports such as scuba diving and surfing to give you a hint. Enjoy the laid back lifestyle of this beach town as you lie back and indulge in some sun bathing or take a dip in the water. Shopping enthusiasts also can pick up things such as jewelry made of sea shells and hand woven mats that make for good souvenirs to take back home. All the shopping, sightseeing has made you hungry then drop into Coral hotel – The Best Family Hotel in digha for a scrumptious Bengali food. If you love water sports or just wish to relax at its sun-kissed beaches, come and explore the beauty of this beach town.


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Places at Digha:

You can visit so many places for sightseeing in Digha. The major tourist hub is New Digha, which boasts of one of the largest marine aquariums in Asia and a science center. Another prime attraction in New Digha is Amravati Lake, which has boating facilities as well. A little distinctive attraction in Digha is the snake farm which is situated in close proximity to the Amravati Lake. An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known as the temple of Chandaneswar is located at a distance of eight kilometers from Digha. Also visit Talasari which is another beach located just 3km away. To enjoy the sightseeing, you can also ask the tour planner of Hotel in Digha.

Shop whatever you like:

Shops in Digha sell beautiful ornaments made of seashells and local handicrafts. Different types of ornaments are available at cost effective rates. Also, Digha is popular for hand woven mats which are made of weeds and are available in various range of colors. Main shopping area in Digha is behind the old Digha beach. Very famous cashew nuts can be the ideal to bring back home.

Enjoy various activities in Digha:

A lovely way to start the day is catching a glimpse of beautiful sunrise at Digha. The sea in Digha is calm and shallow thus the fun activities in Digha comprise of swimming and sun bathing. Another wonderful feature of this sun-kissed beach is that it’s also hard enough for vehicles to drive on it.

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This is an amazing place to enjoy fish cuisine – for which Bengal is well known. Try Rohu, Pomfret, Tiger Prawns, Bhetki and Parshe in the best hotel in digha, “The Coral Hotel”. There are so many restaurants with attached bars, and in some beaches one can find the locals selling beer as well.

What to Carry:

Comfortable beachwear, cotton clothing and a good sunscreen are a must if you are in Digha.


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