Plan Your Monsoon Holiday: Get Relief from the Heat of Summer.

Plan Your Monsoon Holiday: Get Relief from the Heat of Summer.

Are you planning a Monsoon Holiday? If not you must plan one once the monsoon sets in. The initial monsoon showers have finally struck India after a long waiting. It must have brought some relief from the prolonged unbearable summer this year. It is similar to spring in the colder countries of Europe and the west. The arrival of spring in these cold countries brings much joy and warmth after the chilling winter. Yet this is a season when many prefer to stay indoors. But monsoon can be the perfect time for a quick holiday trip to Digha. In this blog we consider why you must opt for a monsoon holiday.

Monsoon in India is very beautiful. The initial spells of the monsoons have meant we can finally switch off the Air Conditioners and welcome the cool breeze. Different people savor on the rains differently. For some it may be the joy of munching on hot “Pakodas” and “Bhajis” with the traditional Indian “Muri” may be very delightful. A long nap during a cool, monsoon afternoon may be heavenly for others. But everyone looks forward to the way monsoons rejuvenate all. It is also most revered because of the relief it brings from a long scorching summer.

Monsoon Holiday

Benefits of taking a Monsoon Holiday:

  • Monsoons means less crowd. Visiting any tourist place during the rush season would mean extreme crowd. Monsoon is a time which is considered to be an off season for many. If you take a monsoon holiday during, you could avoid excessive crowds. If you are a lover of peace and tranquility, taking a holiday during monsoons may be the best thing for you.
  • You can see greenery everywhere. The rains of the monsoons bring with it lush greenery everywhere. Thus if you love trees and greenery you must travel during the monsoons.
  • The Monsoon is the best time to bargain for rates. Since monsoon is generally considered an off season, hotels and other travel related service providers provide attractive discounts for travelers. So it means you could travel and stay cheap at most locations.
  • Monsoon is the best time to relax. As a lover of books the rains could mean the best time when you can just sit back with a book in your hand and relax. So you could enjoy the awesome combination of fine tea, a book in your hand in a comfortable hotel room.
  • Visiting Sea a better option than visiting the mountains. Monsoons in the mountains brings with it lots of landslides and roadblocks. So against visiting the seas may be a better option during monsoon.

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