Planning for Winter Holiday in India? Must Check Out…

Planning for Winter Holiday in India? Must Check Out…

As Christmas & New Year Eve is Knocking the door, everyone must have started planning for winter holiday in India. Winter is a favorite season for tourism in India. The weather is just right which makes it for an ideal time for holidaying and for travel. When it comes to Holiday people tend to have different preferences in terms of destination they want to visit. Some like backpacking while some prefer luxury travel to Beach. For some food is a priority while on holiday while for others it may be shopping. Some may want to travel alone while others want to do be in group.

Recently a top travel website carried out a study in regard to the travel trends in India for the upcoming New Year, 2017. They looked at guest reviews, industry studies and travel data. The study was based on the basis of a survey which involved close to around 13,000 respondents. The following are some of the conclusions drawn from this study:

What We Look For While Planning Winter Holiday in India?

Experiential Travel: We prefer having experiential travel while planning for holiday in India. This means that they always prefer to travel to new places and explore them instead of travelling to the same travel destinations over and over again. Instead of buying souvenirs or other material stuff, travelling to new destinations is a priority for most while planning a holiday in India.

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Travelling for health and fitness: As more and more people are getting more health and fitness consciousness they also want to travel to stay fit. The survey results predict that overworked professionals from countries like India and China will travel for relaxation and wellness. If you are the one who falls in that category then we are sure that you would love to relax in the state-of-the-art villas, apartments and resorts. While on vacation you would prefer services like wellness workshops, yoga retreats, fitness activities and meditation facilities.

Preferred Destination Which has Greenery: With the escalating concerns about environment, Winter Travel Destination in India | Travel in India | Digha Holiday  more and more people would prefer to travel to places which offer plenty of greenery. With the government’s incentive to promote for adapting more environmentally practices transportation by alternative modes will surely get more popular. Thus people prefer to get refreshed during holidays by travelling to places which offer plenty of greenery.

Rise in use of Technology for Travel Bookings: The indications are loud and clear! We are now moving towards a cashless economy. Thus gone are the days when you would you would be waiting in long queues in order to get your bookings done. Most of the bookings in regard to travel and hospitality would happen online. However travelers now yearn for more authentic contacts with locals for a better experience. Travel experts are of the opinion that this might result in advances being made in chatbot technology which will bring about the warmth, authenticity and spontaneity of physical human communication.

In conclusion we can say that there will a whole lot in the travel industry as the year draws to a close and we get ready to welcome the New Year. To know about the latest in travelling and hospitality, keep following the blogs of Hotel Coral Digha, the best luxury hotel in Digha.


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