Are You Ready For Adventure Tourism in Digha?

Are You Ready For Adventure Tourism in Digha?

These are certainly exciting times for adventure tourism in the state of West Bengal. Studies show that in 2015, West Bengal witnessed an increase of 1.15 lakh foreign tourists compared to 2014. In a recently released report of the Central Tourism Department, the state received 14.9 lakh foreign tourists in 2015. This was up from 13.75 lakhs foreign tourist in 2014. In terms of attracting foreign tourists, it is ahead of Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa and Karnataka.

Startling facts about West Bengal Adventure Tourism..

digha adventure tourism | West Bengal Tourism | Digha Hotels | Trip to Digha | Hotel CoralAs a matter of fact West Bengal ranks fifth among the Indian states in terms of foreign tourists. The state is becoming increasingly visible on the itineraries of both national and international tourists. In fact the tourism department of the state is also working on launching attractive packages to woo in more and more tourists from far and near. The recent encouraging results in recent times have not been without reason. Thanks to the various initiatives being taken! We have been updating you on the recent developments in our earlier blogs these include everything from the Introduction of Helicopter services to Plan for houseboats. The latest addition to the list comes in with the plan of bringing in Adventure tourism in Digha and in the state.

What the latest initiative is all about Adventure Tourism?

According the Principal secretary of state for tourism for West Bengal a special policy is being worked out on adventure tourism in the state. At present though the policy is in the drafting stage the same would be finalized by next year. He also feels that the state has almost all other facilities which the leading tourism states have to offer apart from adventure tourism. Thus steps are being worked out which would utilize everything from beach circuits to the mountain ranges to promote the subject initiative. He also said that various spots have been identified in North Bengal for the purpose. The mountain related adventure sports would include rock climbing. The beach related adventure sports activities was planned to be executed in digha sightseeing places which include Udaipur, Digha, New Digha, Tajpur, Bokkhali and Henry Islands.

digha adventure tourism | West Bengal Tourism | Digha Hotels | Trip to Digha | Hotel Coral

As a part of this great initiative the West Bengal Tourism department plans to provide financial assistance to the tune of Rs 25000/- to around 50 mountaineering club across the state. This would also train youngsters to implement the plans of the government. Another senior official is of the opinion that adventure sports include altitude trekking, river crossing and rafting, mountaineering, rock-climbing, jungle safari and hang-gliding. These are all expected to be operational once the initiative gets rolled out. In fact various mountaineering meetings have been planned out to finalize in regard to how this initiative is to be taken forward.

Thus with so much happening in West Bengal Tourism you could certainly be sure that Digha as a tourist destination would only become more popular in the time to come. In case you are planning a trip to Digha then you must stay at Hotel Coral Digha. We are the best luxury hotel in Digha with a beautiful swimming pool. Visit our website to know and book the exciting offers that are currently being offered.


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