Safety Tips For Visiting Digha Sea Beach This Monsoon

Safety Tips For Visiting Digha Sea Beach This Monsoon

Its Monsoon Time!! The view of Sea is simply amazing yet it can be dangerous at times. So here we are with safety tips for visiting Digha Sea Beach. Its time to take a short 2-3 days tour break from your hectic work schedule and enjoy the monsoon rain at Sea Beach. Its monsoon, so there are certain things that you have to keep in mind. However for everyone of us, a trip to Digha is always tempting but there are some precautions that you have to keep in mind in this season. As a premium hotel in Digha we have tried to specify some necessary instruction as safety measures that you should follow in the beach.

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Beach Safety Tip #1: Choose a beach with a lifeguard
It is most excellent idea to swim at guarded beaches. But bear in mind that lifeguards are humans too and they can’t watch each person continually. Stay within sight and near the shore.

Beach Safety Tip #2: Don’t swim at remote beaches
If you want to swim at a remote beach and notice that no one else is in the water, stay out. There is probably a reason why. Parents should exercise caution on unfamiliar beaches. Beaches that are monitored by lifeguards around & flag safe areas to swim – which may be narrow and crowded & pay attention to the flag

Beach Safety Tip #3: Never turn your back on the ocean
In that monsoon waves are clearly visible but wave became powerful & dangerous. Sudden large waves can sneak up on you and sweep you off the beach or rocks and pull you out to deep water without warning. Never go too deep into water & stay away from Fisherman area, their lines, hooks, nets and baits are in and around the water.

Beach Safety Tip #4: If in uncertainty, don’t go out!
Every time you walk over that beach right to use path, the first thing you should do is look at the surf. Not often but occasionally it will rain for several days at a time, and then your beach paradise is really down. Whenever you’re not sure if a beach is safe to swim at, don’t enter the ocean. Maintain safe distance from sea beach wall guard, since the water offer carry the boulders.

You can enjoy the monsoon with these preventive measures and make your holiday memorable. View of Monsoon at Sea Beach is amazing followed by dinner in a theme based multicuisine restaurants in Digha. We at Hotel Coral Digha make sure you enjoy every bit of your Holiday trip to Digha.


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