Security Measures Guidelines for Digha Hotel

Security Measures Guidelines for Digha Hotel

Recently maximum Digha hotel have taken security measures very seriously. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, you should not ignore the importance of security measures. However, your responsibilities increase manifold, especially when you travel with your family. So far as I am concerned, I loved to be with my family whenever I decided to travel any place of tourist interest in India or abroad. Quite naturally, my concerns for the safety and security of my family always comes to my mind first. On my last visit to a wonderful sea resort in Digha, I happened to be there with my family for the first time. I was very watchful about the top security arrangements so that nothing could prevent us from enjoying our visit to this wonderful place.

Obviously, I had to stay in a Digha hotel. Apart from reputation among the local residents, I was looking for the best hotels in Digha that had a top reputation among the visitors. I visited quite a few of them in both Old and New Digha. They promised good and comfortable stay, but I was more concerned about the security measures. Following are some of the things that I looked for, and I would suggest you to keep an eye on them whenever you visit here next:

Best Digha Hotel

Location of the hotel:

Before I settled down in the hotel, I wanted to make sure if it was located closer to the Police station at Digha. I was glad to find quite a few hotels there, and that made me sure that I would hire a hotel in Digha that area only. Hotels closer to the police stations are safer as they can get immediate action from the police station if anything wanted took place there.

Guard Service:

I was glad to see that some of the Digha hotel had their own security personnel. However, I was more comfortable to see the presence of professional guards who belonged to top security agencies. As these guards are more skilled towards performing their duties, so I decided to board a hotel that had the professional security service. I was feeling quite relaxed after settling down there for the next few days.

Video Surveillance:

Apart from professional guard service, I was pleased to find that the whole hotel was put under video surveillance in the leading luxury hotel in Digha. I could see CCTV cameras installed at the reception counter, lobbies in all the four floors, common dining space, and all other places where people usually stay. However, I did not like any such surveillance in my room as it was against the privacy policies of the hotels everywhere. The managers of the hotel kept sharp eyes on the monitors in the control room. They saw everything that the cameras saw, listened to, and recorded.

These are the things that made me feel comforted during my stay there at one of the Leading Digha Hotel. However, I found the guards keeping the entire hotel at night. I could listen to the sound of whistles that they blew to communicate with their mates on similar night guard duty. This is the most impressive thing that made me full of praise for the hotel management. It also assured me for the best security service in the hotel.


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