Some Shopping Tips While Planning Digha Holidays

Some Shopping Tips While Planning Digha Holidays

Every tourist intends to look for shopping tips on places they are going to visit. When it comes to Digha Holidays, there are very few information’s that are available online. Some Digha Hotels try to share few information on Shopping in Digha on their website. However that is not sufficient and needs to be elaborated further. This blog throws light on the untapped information’s about the do’s and don’ts of shopping in Digha.

To start with, we would like to inform you that Digha has many options for shopaholics to pamper themselves. It has many things in abundance and you should make optimum utilization of this opportunity.

Best Buys:-
➤ Cashew Nuts
➤ Sea Shells Jewellery and showpiece.
➤ Handicraft Showpiece
➤ Wooden Showpiece
➤ Sea Fish

shopping in digha

Cashew nuts in Digha is by far, one of the most famous products. So we have to start with this. Well we have often seen that people tend to get confused on how to buy cashew nuts. We suggest you to buy it from authentic stores in main market in Digha. You would be able to decide from the plenty of options available at Nehru Market. Moreover these stores have fixed rates, so you can buy cashew on exact rates. Even these stores have variety of cashew depending on taste, flavor and quality.

Sea shells jewellery and showpiece:- It is very obvious product near any sea beach. Your friends and family members expect you to buy something from any new place you explore. So you obviously want to know what is the most cost effective and attractive gift option . Good news is, you can still buy gifts within a budget of Rs 50. This can be bought from the shops near the New Digha Sea Beach or from Nehru Market.

Handicraft Showpiece:- Digha is known for beautiful and affordable jute products and showpiece. You can buy doormats and many other products at a limited price. These products are useful and durable. If you believe in using eco-friendly products, there is no better options than opting for beautiful jute bags and other useful products. It is available at both New Digha Beach and Nehru Market.

Wooden showpiece:- If you love small wooden showpiece, Digha is your ultimate shopping paradise. You can also buy beautiful wooden toys for kids. What’s best? They are very much within your budget. These can be bought from either Nehru Market or New Digha Beach.

Sea Fish:- Digha’s proximity with Kolkata, is one of the prime reason for this suggestion. You can buy quality sea fish at very affordable cost and carry that with you back home, It is therefore a paradise for fish lovers.

So before visiting Digha, do remember our advice and explore shopping in Digha. You can also follow our other blogs to know about Hotels in Digha.


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