Talsari Beach – An Unexplored Beach Town Near Digha

Talsari Beach – An Unexplored Beach Town Near Digha

The Talsari beach is a pristine and serene place bestowed with spectacular panorama! The reason Talsari beach is famous as it can be accessed through a boat ride. The beach lies about 7 kms ahead of the Digha beach and basically a part of a delta that is lined up with the coniferous trees all around. The beach is calm with minimalistic commercialization. For overnight stay, hotels in digha are the best choice as one can find wide variety of accommodations to choose from.

Attractions of the Talsari Beach

This virgin beach has sand dunes, calmer waves amid several palm, coconut & cashewnut trees. It is also said to be the last beach on the north eastern coast of India. Being a fisherman’s paradise, Talsari doesn’t experience many tourists. There’s a concrete structure to catch and sell fish near the beach where you can also find cooked chicken, crabs and fish. You can simply walk across the river bed or enjoy boat rides and high tides here. Apart from the sea beach, Talsari also is a river bank of Subornorekha River which flows to merge into the Bay of Bengal.

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Activities that you can do Talsari Beach

Start your day walking along the shore of this fantastic beach! Go for sunbathing and enjoy the calmness of this place. The fleck of the red crabs on the sands of the beach, the trees swaying in the breeze gushing across the coast all make it worth sitting along the shore of this coastline for hours. You must watch the sun setting along with its shores and the crest of the waves glimmering from the descending sun rays falling on them. Sitting beside your loved one and watching the sunset will make you realize the beauty of nature as seen there.

Food and Accommodation at Talsari Beach

The people around the Talsari beach relish rice, meat, chicken, fish and other sea foods. You can either pack your own food or buy some from Digha, where you’ll find much scrumptious Bengali cuisines. There is the Odisha Government Panthashala and some other alternatives for food and accommodation in Talsari. An ideal time to visit the place would be in the months from October to December

Tourism in Digha is a flourishing business. You should definitely visit the Talsari beach at least once to have a delightful experience!


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