Top Tourist Attractions Digha Tourism Has For Every Visitor

Top Tourist Attractions Digha Tourism Has For Every Visitor

If you make a list of the top tourist destinations in India, then your task to find the best places can be a little difficult. At least, I felt this by myself when I decided to explore the best tourist destinations in the country two years ago. It was mainly because of the fact that India has been blessed by the Mother Nature in a varied manner. It has lovely hill stations, gorgeous forests, and fascinating sea beaches. While doing the research through various sources, I found out many names that demanded at least one visit to determine their landscape beauty. Digha is undoubtedly one of them. When you will get to know about tourist attractions offered Digha Tourism we are very sure you cannot afford to miss this beautiful and majestic place.


Digha is a lovely sea resort in the state of West Bengal. It is situated in the district of Midnapore, at a distance of about 184 kilometers from Kolkata, the state capital of West Bengal. The place is nicely connected with Kolkata, and visitors can reach there by bus, train, or even by private carriers. However, I put a little more effort before I started my journey. I found out the websites of the top Digha hotels and booked my suite there. This was easy, and it brought me some sort of confidence before I stepped down in Digha. I also conddigha tourism | hotel coral dighaucted an online research about the top tourist spots in Digha where I was likely to visit.

Following are some of these exotic attractions that I included in my to-do list in Digha Tourism:

Digha: The place itself is the biggest attraction for every visitor belonging to all age groups. It is a natural sea resort that is extremely popular among the Indians, as well as foreigners. I found hundreds of visitors there. The sight of people enjoying themselves on the Digha beaches was absolutely stunning to my eyes. While interacting with some of them, I tried to find their expression about the places. I was pleased to find out the best hotels in Digha were high in their opinion. They seemed to be very satisfied with the facilities and amenities of these hotels.

The sea beach in Digha is simply outstanding. It remains loaded with a great crowd from morning till evening. The sights of sunrise and sunset are extremely enjoyable. I spent quite a few days in the Digha beach and found the places very enjoyable indeed. The camel and horse rides were specifically popular among the kids and teenagers. The availability of green coconut and other beverages adds more to the enjoyment.

Mandarmani: After Digha, Mandarmani is the second most popular tourist spot that attracts thousands of visitors every year from different geographical locations. I found some of the best family hotels in Digha there. However, resorts provide more facilities to the visitors, and that made them slightly more popular among them as well.

tajpur beach - digha tourism

Shankarpur and Tajpur: Both Shankarpur and Tajpur are extended sea beaches of Digha. These are known more as honeymoon locations. I also noticed that the place has excellent settings for a loving honeymoon couples. Located between Mandarmani and Digha, these places are about 25 kilometers away from Digha. These places have calmer beaches, where people enjoy bathing without any sort of fear. However, both these places have wonderful security arrangements.

Temple of Chandaneswar: Digha has something special in store for everyone. If you are inclined towards Hinduism, then you would simply love to be there at the Temple of Chandaneswar, which is only 8 kilometres away from Digha. It is the temple of Lord Shiva where devotees pray and offer special offerings.

Apart from these places, Digha also has exotic parks. The Amaravati Park is very popular with visitors. It is a favourite place for everyone, especially for the evenings. The Marine Aquarium and Research Center (MARC) is yet another place where I enjoyed very much indeed. It displays some of the most attractive sea animals in different showcases. Children, especially, love to visit MARC. The Research Center was developed by the State Government, and it serves as a great source of information and knowledge to the visitors. All inclusive these tourist attractions offered by Digha Tourism will always compel you to visit this place again and again.


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