How big is Travel Technology Market in India?

How big is Travel Technology Market in India?

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The travel technology market in India is now big and growing fast. With initiatives like “Digital India“, Government of India is indeed working on ways and means to promote technology in all sectors. This is also the reason why the travel tech market is growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. We are right now going through some major changes in the travel industry. It would completely change the way we travel in India in years to come. The new trends in travelling in India include everything from Virtual reality tours and drone photography to cloud passports and artificial intelligence

Technology trends in India

Your own intelligent travel assistant

Did you know you could do everything from booking flights, making hotel reservations, discover the best places to travel and even track the status of your flight or train, without any hassles, all without a travel agent! Thanks to artificial intelligence. It is because of this that it has now become possible to easily personalize a user’s destination discovery and make purchases with tailor made, contextual insights. The travel chat bots was something which came about in 2016.It is however all ready to move into the next higher level in 2017. It can help you plan your travel simply just like the way any person would do. These chatbots will make sure all your travel queries are answered.

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Travel the world using Virtual Reality (VR)

A lot has been happening in Virtual Reality industry. Virtual reality or VR initially dominated the gaming sector, but it is now slowly but surely making its effects in the travel industry as well. If you are a travel enthusiast then you must know that VR can do wonders for you. Travelling, particularly to exotic locales can be quite expensive. So you need to make sure that your decision to visit these locations is right. The new VR technology through various apps can help you experience the best things that these exotic locations have to offer. Thus it is indeed a great way to help you take the right decisions before spending on them.  

Internet of Things (IoT) and cognitive technology to make travel in India much smoother 

Are you aware of IoT? This is a new technology that will let flight travelers now get to witness an all new air and ground travel experience. This technology uses Sensors and other connected devices, combined with intelligent analytics. Everything put together this is now allowing airports and airlines to make rapid advancements toward providing a better passenger experience. Beacons will play an important role in transmitting relevant, targeted information or broadcasting useful information to smartphones in their proximity. Apart from airports and airline companies, hotels too would benefit from IoT. This will enable them to keep tabs on the facilities put in use by guests. An IoT-enabled power socket can report usage to the front desk if consumption exceeds the preset limit.

To conclude we can say that rapid progress is indeed happening in the travel industry where technology is turning out to be the key driver. We are sure that in the years to come we in India would be holidaying and travel in completely new ways. To know more about the latest in Travel and tourism please keep following our  Blogs.


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