Latest Trends in Hotel Industry in India

Latest Trends in Hotel Industry in India

Now a days trends in hospitality sector changes very rapidly in order to optimize the experience of guests. Hotels all across the globe has to keep a track of the developments and advancement in hospitality sector, to enhance the comfort and convenience guests. So every hotel has to keep the track of the updates and channelize them, depending upon the requirement of the hotel. We at Hotel Coral Digha wish to present our hotel as the Trendiest hotel in Digha.

So we have tried to jolt down the recent trends in Hotel Industry. As our Hotel is based in Digha, so we will try to specifically find out the latest trends in Hospitality Sector in India. The list would start with the concept of online booking and checking internet reviews.

Latest Trends in Hotel Sector in Digha

Attracting clients to book directly through hotel’s website

This is an online era. So hotels are promoting the concept of online booking. It is a well known fact that people are getting tech savvy day by day. So the online presence of a the hotel is very important. Their presence in social media is also of huge relevance. So this is one of the most important trend that is going on within the hospitality industry.

Using Mobile Check-in

Today we seem to have become used to pre booked services. We have become highly dependent on online booking services. Now people usually want to escape from the front desk que and take the easier way out. There are various check-in kiosks in the hotels and even mobile apps are developed to use and promote mobile check-in.

Promoting Self Service:-

Self service has also gained immense popularity in recent years. There are many big brands who are implementing this concept of self service. This obviously is getting popular as it is hassle free and convenient. It basically gives you a feeling to being at  home.

Concentrating on more add-ons facilities:-

Now hotels are not only limited to offering food and shelter but also provide add-ons like Wi-Fi, swimming pool, spa, gym, multi-cuisine restaurant and many more things. It is even worth mentioning that now you can find goodies at your favourite hotel of their inhouse brand. So to enhance the brand value, every hotel is taking these things very seriously.

Today there is a significant change in definition of hospitality. So every hotel is trying its level best to delight its guests and or meeting up the expectation of guests. With time the concepts of luxury hotels in Digha has also changed. Now a state of art infrastructure and World Class Hospitality is expected when you are planning to stay in a Hotel in Digha. With growing years, even more new things would be introduced to accentuate and upkeep the brand name of the hotels.


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