What!!! Digha Helicopter Service from Kolkata?

What!!! Digha Helicopter Service from Kolkata?

Digha Helicopter Services - Hotels in Digha The West Bengal State Government is all set to put its tourism in the forefront. This is clear with all the initiatives being taken by the state government. There are many steps being in this direction. One of the many includes a Mobile App which is based on the theme “Experience of Bengal”. When it comes to West Bengal Tourism, Digha always occupies a position of prime importance. This again became evident from the fact that a brand new Digha Helicopter Service was started from Kolkata recently. Thanks to the West Bengal State Government and a Cart Air Company, you can now reach Digha Sea Beach Resort from Kolkata in a matter of just 25-30 minutes. This step will add to the initial step, where in the Howrah-Digha Dooronto Express had been started.

This was mainly done to target the people who target for a week end tour. Now with the all new Kolkata Digha Helicopter service, things will be even more convenient to avail a quick getaway tour to Digha.

Kolkata – Digha Helicopter Service receives unprecedented growth

The Service which was launched on the 26th of December last year initially received a phenomenal response. Within the first two days of its launch, tickets for the next one month were sold out. The chopper operates once a week, every Saturday. It starts at 10.30 AM from Behala Airport and reaches Digha at 11.15 AM. It returns back at 2 PM the same day. To start with there is one Chopper which operates. It has seven seats. However the department will increase the number of choppers and flights if the demand is found to be consistent. The spurt in demand is expected to be particularly high during the festive season. According to industry experts since during festival times people are ready to shell out more money, thus demand would be high. Thus to save on time people are ready to spend more to utilize more of their valuable time.

Digha Helicopter Service - Best Digha Hotels Coral - Hotels in Digha

So in case you are really keen to experience a helicopter flight, this may be the best opportunity for you to avail the same. This would mean that you can reach your favourite destination fast and hassle free. However to match your travel you would also need the right hotel for your accommodation.

So to do so you must book your rooms for your stay at Hotel Coral Digha, one of the best luxury hotels in Digha. The best thing about Hotel Coral is that you can avail world class decor and the best services at the most affordable rates. This is one of the few hotels of Digha which has a beautiful swimming pool in it. Along with the spacious rooms in it, the hotel also has a Bar cum Restaurant called “The Aqua Blues“. The restaurant not only offers scrumptious food but also has a great ambience to go along with it.

So with the Durga Puja just over, plan your next Weekend Digha Trip during Diwali and Kali Puja to Digha. You must fly down to Digha and book your stay at Hotel Coral Digha.


  • Zulfequar Mustafa

    Zulfequar Mustafa

    I want to visit digha by chopper. How cam I book the tickets online?

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    How to book the chopper tickets?

  • Subrata Kumar Dhar

    Subrata Kumar Dhar

    I want to go Digha through Helicopter, how to book, can I have contact no of Kolkata office with address

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    How will I get tickets for helicopter from Kolkata to dikha

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