Why Digha should be the destination to start your romance?

Why Digha should be the destination to start your romance?

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Are you planning a trip to Digha? Know why it should be the destination to start your romance.

When you hear about romantic stories, have you ever wondered if a love story can be as fascinating as it is without a proper setting? The answer to this shall be a probable no. It is not only about two people romantically involved with each other that creates the magic of love. But also about the setting that helps set the mood for their passionate journey.

Digha is indisputably one of those places in the Eastern region of the country. Abounding with the intrinsic beauty of stunning and pristine beaches, delectable cuisine and luxurious stays, Digha is an exceptional location to set a romantic ambience for you and your beloved.

That is why Hotel Coral has sorted a list of romantic activities that you can indulge in with your paramour when you are trying to initiate your beautiful journey. It is further an excellent destination to simply commemorating your glorious years together. Read on as we enlighten you on the ways you can enhance the love between you two while at Digha.

Why Digha should be the destination to start your romance?

Romantic Activities to try when you are on a trip to Digha:

Romantic Walks:

Digha is renowned for its exotic beaches such as Taalsari beach, Udaipur beach, Shankarpur beach apart from Old and New Digha beach. These pristine beaches provide you with the classic background for your long romantic walks with your lover early morning or later after the sunset. 

Beach Party:

Parties are the best setting to know the fun side of your partner. Digha is noted for its varied and colourful beach parties for you to revel in with your beloved.

Luxurious Stays:

Digha is well-known for offering a few of the outstanding luxurious stays at the most favourable prices. Hotel Coral is one such luxury hotel for you to spoil your partner a little without creating a hole in your pocket.


Photography is not just a way of creating and restoring memories, but it is also a chance of getting close to your partner. Every time you look back onto the initial days of your journey together, these pictures are going to bring a smile on your face. As you recall the cute little things you both did while clicking them, the picturesque setting of Digha is going to heighten the aesthetics of the same. Besides hotels such as Hotel Coral offer professional photography option within their packages, which can add to your experience without you having to spend extra in obtaining the same.

Hence, are a few of the romantic activities to take part while at Digha with your beloved. However, there are many more that you can explore while at this beach.

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