With winter approaching, Digha becomes all the more mesmerising

With winter approaching, Digha becomes all the more mesmerising

Are you planning to visit Digha in anytime soon? Do you wish to experience the best that the place has to offer?

As a traveller, we always wish to experience the best of the places we visit. However, knowing the finest that a site can present demands a lot of effort from us as travellers. It demands thorough research or two-three miscarried tours to the same. 

Hotel Coral is about to save you a ton of work by disclosing to you the most suitable time to visit the beautiful and world’s widest sea beach namely, Digha.

Although Digha is the most visited vacationist spot in the state throughout the year, there are nevertheless a few seasons that bring out the best of this place. And winter is undebatably the most proper time for every beach lover to visit Digha.

And yet, we realise that mere statements about the same will not be of much help to you when you are planning a visit to the same, the reason why we have gathered a list of reasons to support our statement.

Digha Tourism

Let’s find out what makes Digha the best tourist place during winters:

  • With the temperature ranging between 3 to 24 degrees Celsius, the beaches in Digha becomes welcomely cool, making it suitable for swimming, surfing, scuba diving, jet-skiing and all other beach activities.
  • Unlike the hot summers when the temperature rises to 38-degree Celcius causing you to sweat, the pleasant temperature during winters in Digha makes sunbathing on this beach a rather pleasurable activity.
  • Winter months from October to February are the months of festivities in Digha. It is at such times when festivals such as Durga Puja, Christmas and New years add colour to the atmosphere of the beach. Further the beach parties conducted on the latter occasions make this beach all the more vibrant.
  • Monsoons in Digha causes the tide to rise, which makes it unsuitable, to enjoy the beach activities at this time. However, during winters, the waves remain stable, making it suitable for tourist visiting.

However, once familiar with the advantages of visiting Digha during the monsoon season, it becomes rather obvious to consider the crowd at the beach during this high peak time of the year. Which is why Hotel Coral suggests that you book your hotel directly from the official website of the same before your visit. That benefits you to get the advantage of most select deals and prices offered by the hotel directly to its direct clients. Additionally, this improves your chances of availing varied packages, specifically customised for the direct clients.